eSilicon Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Weights and Electronic Weighing Scales Company based in Hyderabad. We provide a complete range of weighing solutions for industrial, commercial as well as retail and many other sectors. Each system is customized to meet the exact requirements and demands of our customers. We provide reliable, affordable and superior delivery of high-quality products that meet almost any weighing need.

We provide after-sales services which include repair, maintenance with the most competent team of highly trained engineers and technicians. Our quality services have made us one of the best service providers in Hyderabad.

Choose our fast and reliable equipment repair for all your service needs. The eSilicon Systems after-sales service portfolio provides you with a wide range of extensive high-quality services to ensure that your machines are always performing at their very best. Whatever you need for your machine to be performing at its best, the eSilicon Service Team is just a phone call away !