About Us

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the wide range of Weights and Electronic Weighing Scales Company in Hyderabad. We provide high quality weighing scale solutions for various industrial domains all over India. Our product line consists of almost all types of weighing equipment to suit customer’s requirements. We offer a broad range of weighing scales for the pharmaceutical, Jeweller, chemical, food & wholesale Markets etc. we are committed to ensuring our innovations translate into real value for our customers. Our products offer everything that you want – high precision, great build quality, excellent durability, and affordability. Explore the range of products that we have and contact us for customized solutions for your business.

We have our own manufacturing unit capable of producing large quantities of top quality instruments and equipment. We adhere to stringent quality checks. We have an experienced team of service engineers providing an all-encompassing service to our customers with cost effective solutions. We also provide after-sales services which include repair, and maintenance with the most competent team of highly trained engineers and technicians.

We have an unparalleled weighing range from 1mg to 50 kgs and weighing scales are from 1mg to 5000 kgs used in varied applications. eSilicon Systems has been authorized by The Controller of Legal Metrology Telangana, Hyderabad in the name of GR Enterprises for 12 years for weighing –repairing licence Class II and maintenance services. Our NABL accredited calibration certificates of electronic weighing scales up to 600 Kgs are valid worldwide. Along with ISO 9001: 2015 certification, In other words, it makes our customers more confident and reliable on our calibration services.

Our GATC (Government Approved Test Centre) Class III up to 150 Kg Non automatic weighing instruments certification is under process issued by the Ministry Of Consumer Affairs, Department Of Legal Metrology, New Delhi. We have established an extensive worldwide network of local sales agents and agencies to service the remaining markets.